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So you have a CRAZY busy life and struggle to fit in exercise and healthy eating??


We get it.


This is going to be straight to the point, no BS, upfront and honest both ways. We care about our clients, We consider them important people in our life and part of the INTREPID Family.

We are not a big gym that only looks at their members as numbers. We will take interest in your life, We will give you crap when the Mighty Collingwood beat your footy team and We won’t forget your birthday.

With our Online Personal Training Program we give you:

* A customized exercise program to suit YOUR lifestyle that enables you to train at home/in your own gym.

* A Personal Nutrition Plan tailored to YOU and your own personal goals.


* A weekly scheduled phone chat to touch base and keep you motivated and moving forward.

* 24/7 online/phone support

* Healthy Quick Recipes

* Exercise Videos to demonstrate correct technique

* Access to our online VIP group

* Nutrition and Exercise programs to be reviewed and updated every 4 weeks.


* Plus a couple of Extra Surprises :)


We just want to help as many people feel happy, energetic, strong and healthy! :)

If this is a journey you would like to begin, book your free consultation here!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Daniel on 0402 318 035


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