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What is The Recovery Lounge?

The Recovery Lounge is an area upstairs at Intrepid Fitness (164 Rooks Rd, Nunawading), where individuals can prioritise their recovery to maximise their athletic performance.


This will be achieved through the use of active recovery and pneumatic intermittent compression garments (Compression Boots), as well as providing entertainment in the form of Xbox, Kayo sports and Optus sports.

What are the benefits?

Active Recovery


-      Quicker removal of lactate

-      Optimises pH levels

-      CAN provide an opportunity to train without inducing a state of fatigue


Pneumatic Intermittent Compression Garments


-      Reduce markers of muscular damage

-      Reduce pain

-      Reduce swelling

How do I book in?


Give Daniel a call or text on 0402 318 035

What's the cost?

$20 for a 40 min booking, pay on the day.

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