All our classes here at INTREPID FITNESS are a heap of fun whilst pushing you hard! With a great mix of sessions it's easy to stay motivated and focused. Catering to all fitness levels right from a seasoned veteran, all the way to a first day newbie, you'll love them!!



Prepare to sweat! This class is high intensity with a combination of boxing drills along with bodyweight and core exercises! All levels welcome!


This class is a tough one!!  A high intensity workout that focuses on all areas of fitness:  

Strength, explosive power, speed, endurance, mental toughness, balance!!

We mix indoors and outdoors,  use battle ropes, slam balls, tyres, beer kegs, sledge hammers, bricks...a solid workout, but heaps of fun!!

ladsies strength.jpg


Develop overall total body strength and power in this lifting class, which uses traditional benches, dumbells and bars, plus a few more modern techniques. 


This class will develops your core strength, stabilize the pelvis and increases your mobility and fexibility. Great for injury prevention or recovery.

A perfect class to ease back into training with focus on correct movement and technique of stretches and exercises to strengthen the core.


Then with relaxing mediation at the end to clear the mind and bring you present.